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When do I need to revamp my existing Website?

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As with all areas of your business it is important to keep your website up to date, this includes the design, text, images and layout.


If you answer yes to one or more of the questions listed below it might be time to look at a revamp.

  1. Has the website been regularly updated?
  2. Have the contact details changed?
  3. Have the text and images and website design and layout remained the same?
  4. How has your company evolved?
  5. Has the company merged with another business?
  6. Is it bigger or smaller, have the products or services on offer changed and has this been reflected in your website?
  7. Has the logo or corporate identity for the company changed?
  8. Does your company have a new focus?
  9. Has your target market changed, if so does the text and images on your website reflect this?
  10. Are there any new personnel who should be represented on your website?
  11. Are you often asked for some piece of information which could be more usefully placed on your website, ie; specifications, drawings etc.
  12. Do all of the internal and external links still work?
  13. Does your website still work with all of the internet browsers?
  14. Is your website responsive, ie does it work well with all of the new tablets and mobile phones?