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Yunshan Tea

Yunshan Tea

100% Organic Black Tea


Yunshan Tea is an online business which sells high quality 100% organic Chinese black tea to the Irish and European market.  Initially the different grades of tea will be sold through Amazon.  To assist with customer support and marketing a simple brochure website was required.  Yunshan Tea may decide to sell their teas directly in the future so it was important that the website could be expanded if required at a later date to include an online shop.  They approached us here at Ridge Design for a design proposal and together we figured out the best way to proceed. The decision was made to build the brochure website using WordPress as an online shop can be integrated at a later date.


We used WordPress as it is very easy to use and provides a lot of design and layout option.  We provided Yunshan Tea with several hours of training on the use of WordPress.  They havebeen confident enough to make quite a lot of changes in the last few weeks and we hope this continues.  We always reply promptly to any service or training requests so they can be sure that we will support him while he grows his business.



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