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Reflective Measurement Systems

Website Design and Build

Reflective Measurement Systems

Mobile Retroreflectometer Systems


This website was designed and built for Reflective Measurement Systems a business based in Dublin, Ireland who have designed a system which measures the night-time visibility of road markings (lines), reflective raised pavement markers (RRPMs or studs) and road signs.  The website needed to act as a brochure to showcase the advantages of the product and to detail the technology used in a clear and concise way.


The website was originally designed and built in 2014 and has been regularly updated since.  The Blog posts capabilities of WordPress with it’s categories have been used to great effect to allow RMS to keep it’s clients and customers up to date with new technologies and advancements in the are of Highway Maintenance and design.

Website Design and Build Completed:


Skills used to build website:

Design and build website. Design Logo. Provide advice on how best to use the text, call to actions sections, images and videos. Provide training on editing the website using WordPress. SEO advice.

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