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Pet Hamper

Pet Hamper

Enrichment Toys for pets


Pet Hamper an online business based in Wicklow town needed an e-commerce website.  They approached us here at Ridge Design for a design proposal and together we figured out the best way to proceed. The decision was made to build the online shop using WordPress and Woo Commerce.


We used WordPress because of it’s excellent blogging capabilities.   Jason the owner of Pet Hamper has extensive experience and knowledge about how best to care for pets and he intends to share that knowledge with the pet loving public out there.  As a pet lover himself he is well aware of the questions pet owners can have about nutrition, stimulation and play, as they strive to make the best decisions for their charges.  A happy pet equates to a happy owner.


We used Woo Commerce to build the online shop as it integrates so well with WordPress. The shop is split into 3 separate categories, dogs, cats and photo frames.  Jason intends to expand the shop gradually over the next few months by adding in new product categories for rabbits, natural food etc.  There is a broad range of hampers available to purchase from the e-commerce website and for some products the ability to pick a gender and size was required.  Woo Commerce provided all of the flexibility Jason needed and it’s straightforward dashboard has given him the confidence to add in many new products.


We provided Jason with several hours of training on the use of WordPress and Woo Commerce.  He has been confident enough to make quite a lot of changes in the last few weeks and we hope this continues.  We always reply promptly to any service or training requests so Jason can be sure that we will support him while he grows his business.





“I am delighted with my website which has been designed and created by Sinead the owner of Ridge Design. It was great working with Sinead throughout the build and her eye for detail is excellent. I created an idea of what I wanted and Sinead turned my idea into a fantastic website. I have received plenty of feedback as to how well my website looks and operates.
I highly recommend Ridge Design.”

Jason Waters, Pet Hamper


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