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Ishka Sports

Ishka Sports

The home of kayaks


Ishka Sports an online business which sells kayaks and race boards based in Wicklow town needed an e-commerce website.  They approached us here at Ridge Design for a design proposal and together we figured out the best way to proceed. The decision was made to build the online shop using WordPress and Woo Commerce.


We used WordPress because of it’s excellent blogging capabilities.   Jia the owner of Ishka Sports is a keen swimmer and kayaker and as a member of the Wicklow Surf Rescue club he has a lot of knowledge about race boards and life guarding. Wicklow being a sea side town means there are ample opportunities for making videos and publishing blog posts all about these sports.


We used Woo Commerce to build the online shop as it integrates so well with WordPress. The shop is split into 3 separate categories, kayaks, boards and accessories.  Jia intends to expand the shop gradually over the next few months by adding in new products.  Woo Commerce provided all of the flexibility Jia needed and it’s straightforward dashboard has given him the confidence to add in many new products.


We provided Jia with several hours of training on the use of WordPress and Woo Commerce.  He has been confident enough to make quite a lot of changes in the last few weeks and we hope this continues.  We always reply promptly to any service or training requests so Jia can be sure that we will support him while he grows his business.




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