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Iago Design

Illustrator and Print Maker


This website has been designed and built for an artist Barry Bradshaw who is based in Wicklow Town, Co. Wicklow.
As an artist Barry had a very firm plan for the layout and look of his website and here at Ridge Design I was happy to assist him in bringing his vision to life. Barry is an illustrator and printmaker producing mainly one colour linotype prints. While Barry has been selling some prints through his twitter page he felt that it was time to give his work a stronger web presence. The website will act as a portfolio and contact point for both retailers and private customers alike and will allow him to showcase the range and diversity of subjects he illustrates.


This website was originally built in 2015 and since then there have been some changes to the layout and design of the pages.  Once again Barry’s vision as an artist meant that he knew exactly how the website needed to look and function.  The framework with which the website was built has provided great flexibility and allowed me to easily amend the website design according to his requirements.

The website was built using WordPress as Barry needed to have the ability to easily add new prints to the Home page of the website whenever they were finished and available for purchase.  This means that the website is constantly updated and freshened up with new images.


Website Designed and Built


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Build website. Provide advice on the layout.

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