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Creative Venture Consultants

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Creative Venture Consultants

International Consultants for the Creative Industry


Creative Venture Consultants who are based in Wicklow town offer consultancy services to the design and creative industries and required a brochure website for their business.  This website would explain to potential clients the benefit of hiring specialists to assist with accessing funding and grants which are available through various EU and State bodies.    The website will explain to designers and creative businesses where such funding can be accessed and provide an easy way for them to contact Creative Venture Consultants who can assist them with gathering the paperwork and information which an application like this requires.


The website was design and built using WordPress as the ability to update the website easily and regularly was a high priority.  Information on any new grants which become available in the areas of art and design will be added to the website along with hints and tips on accessing the funding.



Website Design and Build Completed:


Skills Used to Design and Build Website

Design and build website. Give some SEO advice. Provide training on how to make changes to the website.

Website Content Management System Used:


Website Design