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Some more advantages to a website revamp.

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Advantages of a Revamp

A big advantage to a website revamp as opposed to a complete new build is the ability to keep your existing website online during the change process. If some of the website pages require a complete overhaul they can simply be saved in a draft format which means that the rest of the website can function as normal. The draft pages will only be accessible in their unpublished form to the people responsible for making the changes and the clients so that all decisions can be made prior to republishing the page.

Another great advantage to doing a revamp versus a complete new website is that any SEO capital gained over the years will not be lost during the build process. We all know how much work went into writing posts and targeting our websites while earning that SEO capital so we certainly don’t want it to be lost.

Of course using a content management system like WordPress means that all of this work can be easily done.