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Ridge Design has designed a site for Glebe National School Wicklow.

Image of glebe logo
We all know how important it is a to have good website and by this I mean a site where all information required can be quickly and easily accessed. This is particularly important when the web site is for a not for profit, community centred organisation like a school. These web sites perform an important service for the school community and can be a great place for teachers to show parents what their kids have been busy doing in school. As a parent myself I know how strange it can be handing your children over to a school to look after them when you have little knowledge of how the school operates and it’s ethos and values. It’s great to have a resource like a web site to allow both sides to communicate with each other and to allow all of the kids great work to be showcased.

This site was built using WordPress which has a great user friendly platform so the teachers will be easily able to update their own pages. I can’t wait to see what the school will show us next!