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Revamp of website – Part 4

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Revamp of website – Part 4

A business website at it’s most basic consists of a page or a series of pages which will describe your business, the services you provide and most importantly easily accessible contact details for any prospective clients. The content of the website will consist of images and text.

Probably the most essential part of your website review will be a careful review of the text content.

  • Don’t just double check your text content, triple check it and if you can get a friend or family member not associated with the business to check the text as well, it’s all to the good.
  • It is essential that all your spellings and grammar is correct and it will look unprofessional and careless if due care and attention is not paid to these items.
  • Read the text for every page out loud, does it make sense? Are the sentences concise and to the point?

Potential clients will need to be able to understand what services you provide in under 4 seconds and will not read long rambling sentences. – If more detailed information or descriptions are required a downloadable brochure might be the way to go. The text on the page should pique the interest of your client and then allow them the ability to access more content if this is desired.

Most importantly visitors should not leave your website without being aware of exactly what services you provide or products you sell.

A review of your website’s images is almost as important as the text content.

Remember the old saying “a picture paints a thousand words“, according to research consumers make up their mind about your business during the first 4 seconds they spend on your website so good imagery is essential in conveying an accurate representation of your services and products.

Consideration should be made of the benefits of employing a professional photographer to ensure all images used are as good as they can be? If you don’t want to go to that expense perhaps using some stock imagery would be a good idea.

Failing that you could purchase a good camera yourself and take loads of photos of your products or for example if you are a builder you might take some photographs of finished projects or buildings for a portfolio. As long as the rooms or products are well lit and you take loads of photos there will surely be one or two which will be good enough to use.

Some other points to consider might include:

  • Are the images of a good quality and size?
  • Are they at the correct resolution?
  • Are the images used well lit?
  • Are the images used still relevant to your business?
  • Have all of the images on your website been given their full informative SEO titles?

I hope this provides plenty of inspiration for the path ahead and happy revamping.