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Revamp of Website Part 3 of several

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In my last blog I talked about the very first steps to be undertaken when revamping a website.
So by this point we have:

  1. Decided how many pages are required.
  2. Figured out how the pages are to be displayed in the Navigation menu.
  3. Checked that all contact details are correct and easily found.
  4. Asked someone else to check our decisions so far. This is very important remember that it is potential clients who will be viewing the website not you.

So what is the next step? The overall look and feel of the website may need updating especially if your corporate identity, logo or marketing material has changed lately. You might be surprised by the difference a few simple changes to the colours used can make to a website.

Some points to consider would include:

  1. Changing the background colour of the pages, a simple change which can make a huge difference .
  2. Do the the different accent colours used throughout the website tie in with your corporate identity?
  3. Should the font colour for the main text and headline text be changed, again this is a relatively simple change which can make a huge difference?
  4. Is the font used throughout the website easy to read?
  5. Should the size of the font be reduced or enlarged?
  6. Are there any borders around the text that should be removed?

Website design and layouts especially with a content management system like WordPress can change quite a bit and an overhaul of these should always be looked at first.   The world of the internet moves quickly and the style and layout of websites can quickly become old fashioned so it is essential to keep up to date, simple changes like those noted above can make a huge difference.

In my next blog I will concentrate on the text and image content for the website and how these can be optimised.