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How to improve your website’s ranking

Image of google logoImproving a website’s ranking takes time, a well maintained and a regularly updated site will rank higher than one which is never changed.

The Google search engine ranks websites in terms of their qualtiy and usefulness. There are a number of ways in which Google figures out how good a site is and it is important for us to follow a few simple steps.

These are as follows:

1. Create a useful, information rich site and write pages that clearly and accurately describe all your services.

2. A blog which is updated at least once a week is the most effective way to increase traffic to your site.

3. The more sites that link to your website the better. It is important that the websites which link to yours are relevant to your business. You should also link to local businesses who provide complementary services to your own.

4. Register the web site with Google Webmaster and Google Analytics. Google Webmaster allows us to regularly monitor the performance of the site. It analyzes how Google checks, indexes and ranks the site and flags up any potential problems that may exist. It will also tell you what search queries are bringing visitors to your site and how many other sites have linked to yours. It is also useful for ensuring that Google is picking up on your keywords. Google Analytics can show you a lot of data about the visitors to your site. For example it can show you how many visitors you have, how many pages are visited, how long was spent on the site and how many are new or returning visitors. This information is really useful for checking how effective the site is in attracting visitors.

5. A list of keywords for the site needs to be generated, ie: what words you think your target audience would be typing into Google.

6. Once this list has been generated you should check through all of the text currently on the web site to ensure that these keywords are mentioned throughout.

7. A sitemap should be generated for the web site, this helps Google to see all the pages.

8. All of the images on the site should be given very descriptive labels which increases the prevalence of keywords and ensures that the site can be picked up using Google images.