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Checking the basics of SEO.

Well what are the basics? The very first thing to ensure is that your Site Title and Tagline are correct. I should preface all of this by stating that I am work primarily with WordPress sites and most of this information relates to that. What do I mean, well I have a business that is based in Wicklow Town, it’s called Ridge Design and I design and develop websites. So my Site Title is Ridge Design and my Site Tagline is Web Design and Development Wicklow, the jewellery site I am working on Dream Gift originally had a Site Title of Dream Gift and a Tagline of Dream Gift which isn’t very informative. I have now changed it to Site Title: Dream Gift and Site Tagline: Jewellers and Giftwear, Gold silver, precious gems, Donnybrook, Dublin 4. So a brief informative description of the service the company provides and a little about the location.