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The best websites are built by professionals

Reasons why you should use a professional to build your website.

  • A professional website designer’s only job is to design and build the best website for you and your business.
  • Their portfolio of work will allow you to easily assess the jobs they have completed for others.
  • Their experience gained through building websites for other clients means they have a good understanding of what will work best.  If problems are encountered during the build or after publication they will have the knowledge required to fix it.
  • Paying a fellow professional to do the job means you can expect and demand the highest standard of work.
  • Repeat business is more likely when you do good work for your clients so it is in a website designers best interests to do this.



Your nephew/friend has some spare time and is happy to build your website for cash. Sounds like a win-win situation doesn’t it!

It might seem like a good idea now but have you considered the following:

  • Will their lack of experience mean a poor website experience for you, your clients and your business?  Your business’ online presence is too important to allow someone to practice website building on it.
  • What will happen when your nephew/friend has no more spare time?  They are available now to answer any queries or make any changes you need but what will you do when they have other priorities?
  • What do you do if the finished website doesn’t fulfill your requirements? A website that is designed and built for little or no money can put you in a weak position when it comes to asking for changes.
  • Will your website be able to deal with the fast changing world of the internet?  Website technology and the devices being used to view them on are constantly changing so you need to ensure that your website can handle this.

Having encountered clients with some or all of these problems over the years I am in no doubt about the advantages of hiring a professional.  What might seem like a good deal initially can sometimes turn out to be the opposite.  I have often been asked to step in to finish a website or to make changes or updates after publication.  In some cases this can be a straightforward process but in others it has necessitated a complete new website build.  It can often prove cheaper and more efficient to hire a professional website designer in the first place.